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UI/UX Design

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My Process

I have been building websites for the last three years. When I approach any project, I think about how visuals, user journey, and content all diverge to create the best and most enticing website experience possible.


Mental Mapping

Before doing anything else I think in detail about the client and their specific needs for the website. Some websites are to push a product, some websites are to create brand awareness. What's the goal and how can I execute.

Wireframe Sketch

Because I use web builders that can create a real-time prototypes faster than I can design digital wireframes out, I will do a quick sketch to get an overall feel of the visual flow of each page on the website.

Begin Build

From there I start to build! I can watch the build and interact with the functioning website in real-time, using the site itself as the prototype. I send the client as staging link and allow them to look at various steps along the way to see if they like the direction things are going.