Project Overview

Erica Davis-Frimpong is a strong, intelligent entrepreneur. She had been running her virtual assistant business successfully for years, but she was ready to grow. She wanted to solidify her online web presence and have somewhere to send prospects.

She was initially hesitant to change her brand, but we assured her that in order to be a viable competitor in her space she needed to look clean, sophisticated, and modern.

Thus the iconic Annie Admin paper clip logo was born.

The Prescription

  • UX + Website Design
  • Overall Art Direction
  • Brand Identity


The Problem

Erica came to us with one goal – more leads. This is what most clients see as their immediate need, but as the problem solver in the situation, you always know it’s more complex than that. Erica wanted highly qualified leads who were just educated enough to want her services, but also intrigued enough to reach out for more information. She knew once the line of communication between and her and a potential customer opened up, she was likely to close the sale.


My Solution

Erica only had about one direct competitor and they were a large-scale, virtual assistant corporation. Her entire business model differentiated her because her team was boutique enough that they could completely devote themselves to a client, versus shuffling clients around among a bunch of different assistants.

My challenge was making sure I structured the content hierarchy in a way that communicated this early on. I needed to present them as small and personal, but not inexperienced. I needed to strategically place calls to action at points along the user journey where they would be most compelled to reach out.

I knew my charge and it was time to start sketching.


Sketch + Wireframe

While the goals and content architecture were fresh in mind, I took to pencil and paper and quickly put down the flow I envisioned. The goal was straightforward and the content needs were minimal, so I narrowed it down the most important and informative four pages: Home, About, Services, Contact.

From there, I transitioned these concepts into the wireframe. This process allowed me to think about the necessity of some of my sketch choices. I was able to further simplify the content and think more about the user journey.

See this phase in the process below.


Hi-Fi Design + Prototype

After completing the wireframes, I presented to the client and had my team take a look. Once again, the goal was straightforward so we all felt good about the user journey and the potential for successful conversions with the wireframe design.

It was time to implement the wireframes into a hi-fi design, live prototype phase so we could begin testing the usability.



The website process and intentional content structuring implemented on the Annie Admin website drastically improved the number of leads they were gathering. The client has gotten positive feedback on both design and usability of the site.

*Disclaimer: changes have been made to this website since the initial design.

Brand Identity