Project Overview

Greenbush is an educator’s favorite resource. They have tools for every challenge you might face as a teacher. Mid-2020, I did a redesign of their logo and website, seen here, and that shift needed to take place globally. With the modernization of the Greenbush brand, some of their tools needed a facelift. Enter PDP Toolbox.

The Prescription

  • Visual Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Logo Design
  • Art Direction


The Problem

Put simply, PDP Toolbox is a dashboard that teachers access to keep track of their professional development. The tool itself already existed, but what they lacked was a user-friendly login screen. There was no true place to enter the dashboard. An easy enough fix! However, there were many other pieces that also needed to be accessed from this page without taking away from the main goal at hand: signing in.


My Solution

The visual design of the login screen was going to be simple enough. I had already designed the logo for PDP Toolbox and set the style guide for the parent brand, Greenbush. The visual design would fall right into place.

The catch was how to position the additional pieces? Obviously, the first and main option should be logging in. I still needed to envision how someone could read more about the tools involved or access seminars or a few other options that did NOT require logging in.

My solution? An additional side tool bar. The user could still easily find these options, but they would also be neatly tucked away.



Because I was designing one screen, a quick sketch while I was positioning my thoughts sufficed for this particular problem. I knew I wanted everything to be rounded, soft, and clean. I knew I needed the login element front and center. I knew I needed the toolbar tucked to the side.


Hi-Fi Design

I had my concepts roughly sketched out and I was excited to take it to design. This was one of the first opportunities I had to apply the art direction created during the rebrand of Greenbush to a sub-brand and I was revved up and ready to see how it would pan out.

I was extremely pleased with the end results of my designs. The overarching brand systems of Greenbush had proven applicable across the board. We had a clean and easy to navigate login screen that would hold up with the likes of Netflix, Facebook, any of the login experiences we’re all familiar with.

The softness of the colors and the corners paired with the friendly and approachable nature of PDP Toolbox. It was time to go to dev!



This project was fun. In a perfect world, I could have been more involved with making this a fully encompassing portal system. To take what started out as a simple login screen and expand into a full-blown dashboard with courses and information and profiles.

In the future, I hope we can take this project further!